Friday, August 15, 2014

Aw yeah! Anniversary time!

Aw yeah! Anniversary time! Five years since the awesomest wedding ever. Okay, I'm a tad biased but Luke and I had a pretty amazing time. And I didn't even have a drop of alcohol! I didn't want to be a sloshy bride, so I pretended that sprite was champagne the entire time. 
Now I think it goes without saying (though I am typing it) that Luke and I enjoyed our wedding the most. But the person who comes in third on the list of loving our wedding, even in front of our parents, was Luke's cousin Mikey. Mikey was in his element and on the top of his game the entire time! He was a charmer and danced the night away with all the ladies, even cutting in on a few gents with their dates. It was a sight to behold.

Mikey has down syndrome, but that didn't stop him from cutting a rug and macking on the ladies. Whenever Mikey spotted a pretty lady he wanted to dance with, he'd slick his hair back like a player and bee-line toward her with the biggest grin on his face. Mikey always got the dance!

So instead of a barrage of pictures of Luke and I, like last year, here is Mikey dancing the night away.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lily {3 Months}

My 2 new rings in honor of my girls from Yvonne Boutique on Etsy.
After all the waiting and waiting and waiting and... wait for it... MORE WAITING during my pregnancy, I never anticipated 3 months whirling by so quickly. Alas, Lily has already reached the 3 month mark! It breaks and warms my heart at the same time... I know, that is a complete cliche thing to say but that doesn't make it any less true. In an effort to capture these fleeting moments, I'm going to TRY to document Lily's growth physically, mentally, and emotionally. Try being the key word, note the capitalization.

Okay, let's get this show on the road since Lily is sleeping in her Ergo on my chest and Molly is distracted with dinner... Who knows when I'll actually get some peace again.

PS - Sorry for the less than stellar photos. I have some to loathe my point and shoot camera, so I take most of my photos ala phone these days. In fact, several of these were swiped directly from Instagram.

I think Lily is hovering near the 12 pound mark or roughly at the 50 percentile, given her previous stats at the pediatrician and our highly inaccurate scale. All I can say for sure if that she has grown leaps and bounds, as noted by the increased back pain carrying her around!

Little Lily isn't a complete bobble head anymore! We have head control and some arm control. Her newest hobby is swatting at toys on her playmat. Grand excitement for a 3 month old!
I may be jinxing myself, but Lily is sleeping through the night! *knocks on wood* And not just the 5 hours from midnight to 5 am that for some reason qualifies as "sleeping through the night" for the professions. I'm talking 9 pm to 6 am! This glorious happening happened about a week or so ago when we finally moved her to the nursery. I think we were all mutually waking each other up. And now without the distractions of the dog or daddy getting ready for work, we can ALL get quality sleep. I think it also helps that during the day Lily can't get a long nap in because of the rambunctious toddler hooting and hollering around the house!
Lily is still breastfeeding 6 times a day every 3 hours except at night when she clutters her last 2 feedings before bedtime 1-2 hours apart. I think she is filling her tank to the maximum for the big sleep! However, during the day Lily isn't consistent with time or duration! Schedule? What schedule?! One feeding may be only 10 minutes while another verges on an hour. I pretty much plan my day on the fly because of that fact. But thankfully everywhere I go is close to home and I have a husband who can run errands. Because why in the world would I want to cart an infant and toddler to the store if I don't have to?!
Best Moments...
Seeing the adorable sisterly moments between Molly and Lily. If Lily was mobile, she would be following Molly's footsteps. But until then, she is wide-eyed and straining her neck for a better view of her sister. And the smiles and almost laughs she gives Molly warms the cockles of my heart!
Worst Moments...
While I love seeing Molly on the floor playing with Lily, like when she made Lily's playmat a fort, it terrifies me to no end when Molly tries to truly play. I know Molly wants to play with her sister, but gentle doesn't come easily to my whirlwind toddler. I have a mini heart attack several times a day.
Attention. Any and all attention must be hers! Baby wearing is a way of life for this family.
Being forced into arts and crafts! I've never heard such wails like those when I put paint on Lily's hands. Her world was shattered for those few moments, but I think the squalling was worth the product. Even if I had to endure a second barrage of screams, because yellow was a poor color choice during my first attempt. Sorry Lily, mommy's bad!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hilarious Video about Brestfeeding

Long time no blog! Not that I haven't wanted to but, man, my kids seem to be on opposite schedules! I'm either nursing one or getting a meal for the other... not to mention the diaper changes for both in between. And have I mentioned that my toddler has completely given up naps?! Any spare time I have left is for sleeping or eating myself (and dreaming up awesome blog posts that never come to fruition). Alas, such is the life of a mother.
Yeah, about the only time Molly ever takes a nap is when she is in my lap.
But thank you internet (specifically Bloglovin') for throwing motherhood humor my way. In honor of my status as a meal (quite literally) and Breastfeeding Month Awareness, I'm sharing this hilarious music video about breastfeeding by Sparrow Folk. Enjoy!


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