Friday, August 1, 2014

Hilarious Video about Brestfeeding

Long time no blog! Not that I haven't wanted to but, man, my kids seem to be on opposite schedules! I'm either nursing one or getting a meal for the other... not to mention the diaper changes for both in between. And have I mentioned that my toddler has completely given up naps?! Any spare time I have left is for sleeping or eating myself (and dreaming up awesome blog posts that never come to fruition). Alas, such is the life of a mother.
Yeah, about the only time Molly ever takes a nap is when she is in my lap.
But thank you internet (specifically Bloglovin') for throwing motherhood humor my way. In honor of my status as a meal (quite literally) and Breastfeeding Month Awareness, I'm sharing this hilarious music video about breastfeeding by Sparrow Folk. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Newborn Photos

Whoa! Where has the time gone? My little Lily has been with us for 2 months now, but it feels like she's been a part of our family forever. It's amazing how our hearts were immediately opened (even further) with her arrival. Seriously, how is it possible to love so much?!

In honor of Lily's 2 month birthday, here are a few photos from her newborn photoshoot. Molly cooperated for only 2 photos during the entire shoot. Toddlers, of course, not being known for their patience. And because of that fact, Luke and I opted not to have photos taken with Lily as someone had to wrangle Molly at all times! Plus truthfully, Luke didn't want to end up with a palm full of poo like with Molly (it's inevitable that someone gets pooped on during a naked baby photo shoot, this time it was the photographer and not us).

PS- Photos were taken by a friend at work who takes newborn pictures as a hobby! She has now taken both of my girls' newborn photos. Her little side business is 2B Photography and Design.

Oh my goodness, sisters!
Poor Lily didn't appreciate being woken up by Molly.
This kid has so much personality!
We call this Lily's pirate eye pose.
Finally to get Lily to sleep (and relax), we swaddled her up and nestled her in a basket.
Just soooo cute!
I love this picture because it's the exact same pose and headband we used on Molly 2 years earlier. They looked so similar.
So angelic.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Maternity and Family Photos

Missed me?! Well don't get too excited about a grand return to blogging, life with an infant and toddler takes some (A LOT of) adjustment which means that posts will be sporadic for a while. And maybe I'll get through all the drafts I started but was too lazy, cranky and tired aka pregnant to finalize!

Let's begin with the long overdue maternity and family photos. I gave you a few previews here and here. My cousin and her mother hosted us in Tennessee for a weekend of photos and fun! It can be hard to feel pretty towards the end of a pregnancy but getting gussied up and having pictures taken was a real treat.

And now for the photo heavy post, courtesy of Wonderfully Made PhotographyThis mother-daughter team of photographers takes awesome pictures!! Website - Facebook
Adorable no?!
They sure know how to make a VERY pregnant lady look awesome!
Lily kept us waiting... and waiting... and waiting...
My mom joined us for the trip and a few pictures. Three generations in one photo.
Luke calls this a crotch shot, but I think it's great!
Molly only seemed to cooperate when her back was turned to the camera.
Loved adorable downtown Murfreesboro.
 This is how my husband rolls, photo-bombing.
 This goose may be front and center but i love seeing Luke and Molly playing in the background.
 One of the few photos where Molly faced the camera!
 Again, Luke being silly and tickling me during the photo. I love these types of photos because they capture our family's spirit of goofiness.
 Another back photo but still beautiful. 


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