Friday, March 29, 2013


The first week of March we went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. No, we aren't crazy! Molly is still young enough that long car trips are easy. I was concerned about keeping her on a schedule, but she stayed consistent to her routine the entire time. Molly loved watching the scenery, so there were no excessively long naps to affect her bedtime. Plus with nursing, I didn't have to worry about bottles and she ate food off my plate the remainder of the time. Like I said, it was easy!
Before the trip, I had all these dreams of Molly falling into the Grand Canyon. Of course, these were irrational thoughts... though I'm still glad she wasn't walking yet!

Our biggest issue was how to enjoy the splendor of the Grand Canyon without extensive hiking. Yes, we could have hiked a little way into the canyon with Molly on our backs or in a bjorn... but the hike back up would have been unbearable. So we did a lot of research and found the Kokopax backpack. That thing was amazing!! It's under 3 pounds and isn't bulky. We were able to comfortably hike the entire rim trail on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

As you can tell from the pictures, Molly had a blast! She had a better view of the world from atop Luke's 6'1" shoulders and she could be more active. Molly could perch her feet on the waist support to peek over Luke's head or bounce excitedly up and down. About halfway through the trip, Molly discovered Luke's ear. She was thrilled... Luke not so much! However, it was rewarding to see Luke and Molly bonding during our hikes. Since he wore the backpack for the majority of time, they were joined at the hip.

The other way we explored the Grand Canyon was by bike. There is a bike rental facility within the Grand Canyon National Park and thankfully they rent burley trailers, too. Again, Molly had a blast! It was a pleasure to hear her squeals of joy as we rode along the trails. She could see the scenery going by and she would hit the windows trying to touch it. Riding along then having picnic lunches and picture stops was really fun.

The trip was more relaxing than anticipated! Coming back to reality wasn't fun, but we were happy to be home... and sleep in our own bed!!

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