Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Already pining for retirement.

The idea of retirement is bliss. I realize I'm not far into my career, but my ultimate goal is a comfortable retirement. Laziness is close to my heart and I can't wait to truly kick back in a way only retirement allows. If all things go to plan, we will still be young enough to enjoy it. I mean, what's all the hard work for anyway?!

Luke's aunt and uncle have been lucky to retire this year and just completed the final move to their property in Brenham. This move has been a long time coming since they bought their beautiful property with rolling hills, spring-fed creek and pond over 10 years ago with only dreams for the future. Ever so slowly they've improved the land with a dock off the pond, a multitude of trees (olive, apple, pecan, oak, lemon, and more - many grown from seed), and the piece-de-resistance, a bright red barn. It's idyllic, especially in the spring with bluebonnets in all directions. I'm just a little jealous...

And now the slab for their dream home has been poured! Therefore, it was time to sever ties with Katy. The first step was putting the house on the market. Little did they know the house would sell in 4 hours!! Everything got accelerated, but the excitement only increased. It was time for them to move on and we offered our services (ie pickup truck) for the final move to their temporary apartment.

Here are some pictures of moving day shenanigans.

Apple on a tree grown from a sapling : Concrete inscription when the house was built (1996) and each son's name :  Purple Martin Home
Watching the men move furniture/missing her daddy : Hanging on the stoop : Molly enjoying the semi-empty house
L to R, top to bottom - Sold in 4 hours : Guys lightening the freezer's load : Goofing off with ski poles : Luke and his harmonica : Trying to engineer a better trailer setup : Unloading the garage attic : Moving furniture
L to R, Top to Bottom - The new homestead with barn in the background : Boys and their toys : View of the pond : View from the soon-to-be porch

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