Friday, June 28, 2013

Molly and the museum.

Note. Ugh. Our new camera (which we bought to replace one ruined by sand & wind) is a butthead. Yes, a butthead. I can't figure out this bleepity bleep bleep thing... so every photo taken isn't great. I guess at least they aren't awful... but they sure aren't nice. So I apologize. Now onto your regularly scheduled blogging...

To add to our camera fiasco, Luke and I had a wake up call last Friday. Molly's mobility has been a regular topic here, but in our minds she was still the amiable infant we toted everywhere. Clearly not the case anymore. I think we finally got the message >>Molly is a toddler!<< Okay, should have been an easy concept to grasp and yet it took chasing after her and dealing with minor tantrums to drum it home.

A dear friend invited us to an open house at the Houston Natural Science Museum which is my favorite. All the exhibits were open, rides were free, and food and drink plentiful. Luke and I pondered getting a sitter, but truthfully we didn't try too hard. Molly has visited the museum at least 3 times and we've never had problems. In fact, we assumed she'd fall asleep at some point since it was WAY past her bedtime. Ha! Oh naive Blair. Factoring in an antsy, walking toddler wasn't part of our plan. Molly, of course, wanted free reign of the building. She tried to walk, run, crawl, sprawl, climb, lick, hit, pull, chew, eat everything. If we tried to hold her, she squirmed uncontrollably. If we tried to feed her, she threw the food. If we put her in the stroller, she'd kick and get angry. Clearly not our easy going infant anymore.

Unfortunately, we only got to visit the Hall of Paleontology... and barely socialized as we tag-teamed for Molly Watch. I'd stop mid-sentence to keep Molly from climbing or be yards away following my stubborn child. It was exhausting and I'm more than a little embarrassed. Maybe our friends are too nice or oblivious to her mood, but they said Molly was well behaved. Objectively, Molly wasn't a terror and didn't actually cry until the end of the Paleontology exhibit. However, it wasn't the night out with with friends Luke and I had anticipated. Boy, do we need to find a new babysitter....

Silver lining: It was still fun. I love seeing wonder on Molly's face and it was nice to see good friends again, even if sporadically.

This is when Molly lost it, at the end of the exhibit.

Sloth-zilla!! \\ Human vs Mammoth
Get it? Jurassic Bark! Hahah. \\ Yes, that is a T-Rex ride.
Giant Trilobite, the ancient cockroach. \\ More trilobites, big and small.


  1. As a jewelry designer in my other job I am drooling over that amethyst geode. I get far too excited about rocks! Have you ever visited the Royal Ontario Museum? They have one of the most stunning collections I have seen.

    1. molly shares your enthusiasm for shiny things! we haven't been to the royal ontario museum yet, but its on my list now! thanks!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. She seriously was not that bad! Babies be babies, there's only so much you can do about a toddler and she is still adorable.

    I'm glad you could come out! Plus, we got to instill in that girl a love of rocks!



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