Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rocks sure are pretty.

I love rocks... and it's not just me! Luke loves rocks, my mom loves rocks, my brother loves rocks and my grandfather loved rocks. Geology is genetic in this family. I believe our home reflects that or at least it did pre-baby. Home is where your heart is and ours is lost to geology. Some of our prized possessions have, unfortunately, been stored away or relocated away from grasping toddler hands. As much as I love my daughter, I don't want her licking my halite (salt) block or chewing on my Megalodon tooth.

Now I'm not as avid a collector as some of my fellow geoscientists and I don't generally buy rocks. I prefer to build my rock collection around memories. For example, I found this amazing rolled up trilobite on my Paleobiology field trip and it always reminds me of my narcoleptic professor. When I lived overseas during high school in Indonesia, we once hiked up Anak Krakatoa and I collected a piece of pumice bigger than my head! BUT I do accept rocks as gifts! Some of my favorites are an aragonite wedding favor and a piece of Mount Doom (Yes, that Mount Doom).

However, one of my all-time favorites is a limestone block carved into the shape of Texas gifted to me by my mother for Christmas one year. I've been in love with the piece ever since! I believe it was originally meant to hold soap as it had a shallow oval basin carved into the face (your guess is as good as mine!). But its far too large and pretty to be allocated to a bathroom. So I displayed in our living room with other precious memories: wedding aragonite, classroom calcite, field trip garnet and childhood quartz crystals. Alas, all these things are choking hazards! They were bundled away until Molly is older, but I couldn't part with my limestone. Relocation was key. Finally, a spot of honor was created on our fire place mantle atop my mother's old Nancy Drew books and beside an engagement photo of Luke and I in our burnt orange gear with the UT tower in the background. It's perfect.

Every time I gaze up there, I get a wave of joy as memories come flooding back. Geology is love.

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