Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Six Things You Need to Know About Me

Wow. I've gained so many new followers lately! I'm truly grateful for all the support. Now, let's get to know one another shall we? There's a fun question post circulating around the blogosphere and I thought, "Hey, that's a great way for my readers to know me a bit better!" The idea is to answer 6 questions about yourself, tag back to the original tagger, and then pass along the task to fellow bloggers. Yay for creating community and friendship among bloggers! Many thanks to Patricia at Kisses and Croissants for passing along the love and tagging ALL her readers in this post-along. Here we go!
1. Where is "Home" for you?
This is a difficult question! I was born in Mississippi then as a young child we moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. Right before middle school, we moved half way around the world to Indonesia where we spent a magnificent 6 years! Finally, during my last years of high school we moved to Houston, TX and I've bopped between Arlington, Austin, and Houston ever since. Each place is dear to me, though I felt the most comfortable in Southeast Asia. That being said, I'm going to cop out with the cheesy response that "home" is wherever my husband and daughter are.... That's why the saying Home is where the Heart is exists!

2. Why did you start blogging?
Mainly to document Molly's life with the added benefit of staying in touch with friends and family. But I've always felt the need to write. Back in high school I was addicted to LiveJournal... Does that even exist anymore?! At school, it was our own version of Facebook, before Facebook existed. Of course, I've moved on from those angst ridden years... hopefully.

3. If you were invisible for a day, where would you go?
So, I just finished reading The Invisible Man by HG Wells last week... and I in no way want to be invisible. It sounds like a hassle and I don't want to become a d-bag like the main character. But to answer the question hypothetically, I'd sneak into a ginormous department store or Ikea to spend the night. Growing up I had recurring dreams about this and it always seemed like such fun being able to take over the store... try on all the cool clothes, taste the fanciest food, sleep on all the beds, touch all the untouchables, wear expensive jewelry and generally run amok.

4. One goal you would like to achieve before 2014?
Ooooo. This is tough because I have at least one that I can't quite share yet! (Hoping to make those announcements soon... sorry to feed your curiosity.) This leaves my brain scrambling... Hm... I want a much bigger garden and a new raised bed constructed! My backyard isn't big enough for my gardening ambitions, but a garden face-lift would be nice! Chop chop Luke!

5. What's your biggest struggle in life?
Being high strung most definitely! I'm such a Type A person. When things go a bit haywire, my initial gut reaction is to freak out and I get a tad yell-y. And it's normally directed at poor Luke, even though it's almost never his fault. I get my panties in a twist over the silliest things like Luke not bringing Molly's pacifier fast enough or a highway is unexpectedly closed or sand gets everything in my car or worms attack my plants. Rolling with the punches is super duper difficult, but I've gotten better (I hope)... having a child MAKES you get better!

6. Tell us something we may not know about you.
Hmmm... I feel like I'm an open book. I'm obsessed with my kid, a total nerd, geology enthusiast, food lover, and fearful of zombies...Oh! I know! I love James Bond! I own all the movies and I've seen each one at least once. Most holidays don't feel right until there's been a Bond-A-Thon. If the Spike channel doesn't have one running on Thanksgiving or Christmas, we break out my collection and vote on the movies to watch. It never gets old. And before you ask, here's my favorite Bonds in decreasing order: Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Roger Moore, George Lazenby/Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton (David Niven doesn't count btw!).

I'm not going to put any pressure on y'all to complete this little questionnaire though I'd love to get to know everyone a bit better! So feel free to do your own post on the 6 Things You Need to Know About Me... or not! ;)

Pick 6 to answer for yourself:
1. Is this how you imagined your life would be?
2. If money were no question, I’d purchase…
3. A book you could or have reread over and over?
4. What do you love about yourself?
5. What is your guilty pleasure?
6. Who has been your role model?
7. What’s your biggest struggle in life?
8. If you could be invisible for a day, where would you go?
9. What hobby would you love to pick up?
10. What hobbies do you have that you don’t mention on your blog?

Thank you for stopping by corner of the internet! 


  1. LiveJournal wasn't angsty enough for me. My friends and I were posting to DeadJournal haha.

    It was great to get to know you a little better :)

    1. Hahah! Good to know I wasn't the only one posting angsty stuff! ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing part of who you are. Now following you from grab a friend blog hop.
    you can find me at www.accordingtosd.blogspot.com
    Would love a follow back.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to check out your blog!

  3. Hi there! I really enjoyed reading your 6 things and may also do this on my blog, LadyBlogger. If I do, I will definitely link your post to it and give you credit for the idea! :)

    1. You should definitely do it! I had a fun time picking and answering the questions. I'll keep an eye out for your post!

  4. Hi there! Thanks for sharing.
    I'm your newest follower from Blog Hop.
    Followed you via Twitter, GFC & FB.
    Feel free to visit, leave comments and follow me @ www.revampspunkyrena.blogspot.com

  5. It was lovely to read more about you Blair.

  6. Awesome! So great to find out new little tid-bits about you! Get outta my brain, #5 is sooo relatable!


    1. Hahaha. Our brain's are on the same wavelength!

  7. I absolutely love these kind of posts! It is so wonderful getting to know each other and feeling that connection with one another! Thank you so much for linking up with This Momma's Meandering Mondays! Have a fabulous week!



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