Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Creating a Baby Name Wreath

Molly has been the only child around here for 2 years which means she's had personal run of this household during that time. Things have been Molly-centric and as our first-born that's only natural. But with Lily due to arrive ANY day now, I'm trying to allot her some personal space and touches around our home. My first endeavor was the No Sew Name Banner that hang's in the girls' playroom. That was such a success that I decided to tackle a Name Wreath to compliment the one hanging on Molly's bedroom door. The below wreath was gifted to us at one of my baby showers before Molly was born. It's a masterpiece and handmade just for my little girl.
Now I am not nearly talented (or patient) enough to create a grand spectacle like Molly's wreath, and I just couldn't bring myself to ask the original creator to replicate it. Plus I wanted to create something unique and different for Lily. So I decided on an understated name wreath to grace Lily's door... that's kind of my style anyway, which works out!

Wreath Frame (I used a square wire frame)
Fabric (I used 3 spools of wreath fabric)
Letters (I painted some wooden letters)
Embellishments (I used fake flowers)
Hot Glue Gun

Weave your fabric around your wreath frame. This was the most time consuming part, getting the fabric style and looping just right. I had a little leftover fabric which I used to create a bow. This was not originally part of the design, but I'm glad I just went with the flow. After finishing the basework, I hot glued the bow on one of the wreath's corners.
Next, I laid out all my embellishments like the fake flowers and letters. I played around with a few different arrangements before finally glueing and weaving flowers into the wreath.
Here's a close-up of the arrangement I decided on. I wove the flowers into place first and once I was happy with the layout, I used my hot glue gun to secure everything.
I've NEVER made a wreath before so I was actually surprised at how easy this wreath was to create. I didn't even consult Pinterest! And now I have a daily reminder of my impending arrival but also of my craftiness. It's an excellent confidence booster.
PS- This only took me about an hour!
PPS- Wreaths are great gifts for baby showers and for the front door of new parents! Add a cheeky message about "Ring the doorbell and I can't be held accountable for my reaction!" to deter nosy neighbors and solicitors!


  1. I love the wreaths and the Once upon baby molly was so cute. Love the saying too. hope you all have a great Easter.

  2. Great idea! And to only take an hour? Perfect!!!

    Desiree @

    1. I was surprised that it didn't take long, I thought I would have to labor over it! So glad it turned out nicely!



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