Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Garden Happenings

I love taking photos of plants because they are such willing participants, as opposed to a certain 2 year old who will remain nameless... Ahem! Anywho especially with this bout of nice weather, it's been a pleasure being outdoors and basking in the plant growth occurring. So here's just a taste of what is growing in our garden right now!
My thyme is not only overflowing it's pot, but it's flowering adding some drama to my herb collection... I hoard herbs!
Marigolds are such dainty and luscious flowers that I got 3 different varieties this year! I just couldn't help myself, but I justify it because they help keep pests away! I don't want any of those horned worms this year.
Since the dog regressed after we tried soooooooooooo hard to get her to stop digging, we gave in and fenced our gardens. I just couldn't bear the thought of losing all the wonderful veggies and fruits I planted. Here is one of our tomato plants and it's pest controller, the marigold! The fence, thankfully, doesn't look as bad as I anticipated because picket fences are so quaint.
I am experimenting with potatoes this year and I'm starting out with a small variety now. I'm not sure what these puppies have in store, but I'm hoping we get something viable because I love making a good stew or pot roast with small potatoes. Not to mention they are easily cooked in the oven with a bit of rosemary and olive oil... yum!
Even though the roses are subsiding, we still have a few poking through the fence from our neighbors.
Last year, our carrots were awesome and easy. Double win! Things seem to be going the same way this year, even if my green onions are trying to take over and inter-finger with the carrots. I've had those green onions for over 3 years now and they keep going strong! I love being able to step out side and snip them for baked potatoes toppings.
The green beans are climbing! Again, just like last year, these green beans took off like nobody's business. I'm so excited that our second year of "real" gardening is going well. It's so fulfilling.

What's growing in your garden? Has spring arrived for you?

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Let's just call this the gardening equivalent of paint by numbers!


  1. Your garden is looking good! Most of my plants are growing well but one of my plum trees has died and I'm very disappointed about that.

    1. our fruit tree (orange) died too! it was a bummer but at least everything else is doing well, just like y'all!



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