Monday, April 14, 2014

the baby bump report {38 weeks}

How many weeks? 38 weeks. 2 more weeks (or less)! Lily is full term now, so let's hope it is less than 2 weeks until she arrives!

Baby's size? Based on the baby websites, Lily is the size of a pumpkin weighing in at roughly 6.2-9.2 pounds and measuring between 18.9 and 20.9 inches... Based on guess-timates, Lily is aiming to be over 8 pounds.
Cool baby fact? Little girl is practicing her inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking... with some hiccups in there for good measure! Clearly, she hasn't slowed down in the movement department as she is constantly manipulating my belly's shape and size.

Pink or blue? 
Team Pink! Little Miss Lily will be joining us soon!
Symptoms? Just the overall feeling of being large and tired. Nothing new on this front!

The best thing? Being on leave! I can completely focus on me, catch up on my rest, and prepare for Lily's arrival. It's a blessing to have the responsibility of work lifted from my shoulders.

The most difficult thing? My foot still bothers me, but it's a ton better now. I can actually do things around the house which is a pleasure. I enjoy reclining around the house and catching up on sleep, but at the same time I get antsy not being able to function as a normal person. There are so many Sudoku games I can do before I NEED something else to occupy my time.

Looking forward to? I think this is pretty self explanatory, but Lily's arrival! I'm ready to be un-pregnant and have my baby at home!
Photo by Wonderfully Made Photography.


  1. Clearly, you are too cute at being preggo. I know you're ready for her to come and on that day you will be filled with so much love. I know you're thinking how do you know. Yea I dont have kids but hope to one day. But, I hear it's the best thing in the whole wide world. :D

    1. Thanks so much Laney! It's nice to have a complement about being cute preggo rather than large!

  2. Having a Lily, too, I of course love the name! Enjoy the time now and once baby Lily is here! All the best for the delivery!!



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